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Through Nāda Yoga (Nāda: flow of sound, Yoga: union) and Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls, we experience a deep meditation  that brings us in touch with our true selves. It's a method which can be practiced comfortably by anyone, makes it easy to relax, to unwind and to empower our creative side through the inner voice that speaks from beyond our mind. It helps us to balance between Yin, the intuitive and feeling energy, and Yang, the planning and active energy in our bodies. Nāda Yoga, as an ancient Indian practice whose benefits have been proven also scientifically, offers us an opportunity to find our inner peace and to effortlessly experience our natural joyous state by using sound. Through the sound massage and sound bath, the vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls reach all cells of the body, inducing a deep relaxation as well as physical, spiritual and mental healing.

The many benefits of the sound healing method include strengthening of the immune system, energy stimulation, cell renewal, improved sleep quality and higher self-confidence, harmonization of body and soul, increased concentration and creativity, and better decision-making ability due to a clearer mind. It is also an effective remedy for all kinds of stress-induced disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, muscle aches, and fibromyalgia. Building on the knowledge that everything is energy, sound therapy tunes us to the same frequency with the frequency of the universe, i.e. the cosmic consciousness, making us feel safe and at home.

We are now finally at a time that the concepts in regards to Science and Spirit are not conflicting, yet uniting towards a more conscious and peaceful world we all deserve to live. A non-profit research and educational institute, HeartMath has proven that the heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain, which can be measured in the form of an electrocardiogram. It is also stated that the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5.000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain, which proves the magnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect other individuals around us. The Global Coherence Initiative is another international organization making research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems. All these scientific researches prove that we are able to influence the world and the individuals around us simply by changing our vibrations.

Tibetan Bowls

As an ancient traditional healing technique, it balances the energy centers of the body through sound and vibrations. The broad and rich frequency of Tibetan Singing Bowls creates deep relaxation and tranquility within us while soothing our mind. With the mind at ease, the energy and emotions entrapped in our body are set free and our blood pressure is regulated by itself, forming a safe ground  for the healing which we need at that very moment. When applied directly on the body, the vibrations we receive through the Tibetan Singing Bowls slow down our heart and respiratory rate which brings therapeutic and healing effects on both mind and body. The sound waves produced by the Tibetan Singing Bowls directly penetrate our tissues through the water we carry in our body.

FSTU (From Seperation To Unity)

From Separation To Unity is a meditative healing practice which brings us into touch with the electromagnetic field of our heart and releases the limiting thought patterns of our mind. It enables our vital energy to flow uninterruptedly and in a way that serves us the best. Through this healing method we experience unity through our heart space, where we start perceiving beyond the duality of our mind which is the cause of separation. It enables us to look from a different perspective at the difficulties we have and the problems that make us feel trapped in a vicious circle, thus causing relief and opening up space where we can live better and more peaceful relationships, first with ourselves and also with others. In this healing method the “left eye” is used as a door opening to the Truth, allowing the energy to flow from the mind to the heart space, in accordance with the scientific fact that ‘energy flows where attention goes’.

Active Meditations

Active forms of meditation offer a diversity accommodating different types of people, by using breathing, sound, movement, dance, catharsis (expression of negative emotions) and centering techniques, providing a basis for relaxation, awareness, and inner silence. Osho Active Meditations are designed according to scientific researches, enabling the stress relief and relaxation of the body as our modern life and habits do not allow our bodies to passively sit cross-legged for extended time periods. By engaging the body in motion, it becomes easier for the blocked energy to be released and for the mind to calm down. Through the use of sound in various ways, laughing (laughter yoga), or speaking with nonsensical words and sounds (gibberish, etc.), the mind’s automated way of behaving is altered.

An interview by Sebi Heindl, a writer and youtube channel owner about meditation



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